This is the world of Punzel...

Her story begins at the center of a land called SKĀ°ALL.
She is stuck in a tower inside a castle governed by the OVERLORD, guarded by his GOBBOS.


Stuck in a frugal castle room, she is tasked to wait for a prince that will come to save her. Lacking any successful attempts she progressively grows bored with her situation.


The dutiful, albeit chaotic personal minions of the OVERLORD. Most tasks that are given to them will end up in some degree of disaster. But for some reason, they never fail to thwart any attempt of a prince to reach the castle.


He reigns over the land of SKALL. His subjects are the Gobbos that live across this land. If all else fails, he will personally ensure the integrity of the castle by keeping it prince-free.


Crows are the most commonly occurring living species on SKALL apart from the GOBBOS. Both groups keep mostly to themselves but grudgingly respect each othe's wit, tenacity, and mischievous spirit


Skulls are intelligent, disembodied entities that are powered by ancient magic. Lacking bodies they offer their wisdom to powerful, mobile creatures to regain a certain degree of agency.


These valiant heroes regularly attempt rescue missions to save the poor damsel in distress. None has yet managed to overcome the castle's various defense systems.